Article from St. Marys Journal Argus – June 30, 2004By Marilyn Haywood (advertising representative):

If you run into Brian Harris these days, he probably has a smile on his face and a bounce to his step – Wednesday June 16, 2004 was his final day at Magna in St. Thomas and on Thursday, June 17 he launched his new business, Heritage Renovations.
Harris is pretty sure that ‘hammer and nails are in his blood.’ And, in fact, when you meet his dad, Reg, you’re pretty sure too. Reg ran a successful carrpentry business, Reg Harris General Carpentry in St. Marys and area from 1953-1994.

“It felt right in my heart.” Harris says, and Heritage Renovations was born. We asked him what he did on the first day of his ‘new life’. “I got up at 7 a.m. – not 4 a.m., had breakfast with my wife and kids, then gave my son Tanner a ride to school.” It’s only been a short time but already he is sure he’s done the right thing. The calls are coming in and the work is following. Word spreads quickly and Harris has been talking non-stop about the business the last few weeks. His trailer is a good advertisement and as people see his work, they are quick to tell their friends and neighbours.


Three generations of carpentry.


Harris recently put a roof on a neighbour’s home. “A roof I’ve built houses a family who will be warm, safe, and dry; that’s a nice feeling.” Along with roofing, Brian can do just about any type of carpentry or general contracting, including aluminum work on doors, installing hardwood floors, building or maintaining agricultural buildings, replacing windows and doors, or his favourite, renovations to older homes. Harris says his prices are very reasonable, “No job is too small” and quality is very important to him. In fact his mission statement is ‘Do the right thing’.


However, if Brian Harris should need advice of any kind, his father Reg is close by Brian aptly names him ‘The World’s Greatest Building Inspector.’ When Reg worked in his own business, he recounts how he did carpentry plus – one of his customers had Reg babysitting her children while she went to town. No doubt Brian will have a few stories of his own that he can share with his wife Tammy and children, Amanda, Tanner and Cassidy.